Manga Review: Kare First Love

Hello readers! I’ve haven’t been writing in a while since school has been stressful this past month, but that has not stopped me from reading. I just finished reading the manga Kare First Love. A very good friend of mine recommended this series to me when I was in high school. I tried reading this manga over and over when I was younger, but always dropped it. It must have been sheer boredom that motivated me to finish this manga. If my teenage self were reviewing this manga, I would have probably loved it, but I wouldn’t classify it as one of my favorites. Karin Karino, the female protagonist, was ridiculously weak for me, for example, she would never speak her mind and there were many incidents where a simple misunderstanding was taken out of proportion…I was really frustrated with her and then her boyfriend was Aoi Kiriya gave me a headache as well in some parts, but he was more tolerable than Karin. Overall, this manga was meh, neither too great nor too bad. I really love the animation, it was really good for it’s time, and the side characters had to be the best part of the manga. The beginning was interesting and I enjoyed it, but the romance developed too fast for me. There was so much drama in this series such as Karin being constantly bullied, Karin’s parents expecting her to focus on her studies rather than having a boyfriend, Karin dealing with feelings of insecurity, Aoi’s guilt over his brother’s death, and the list goes on. There were also random moments in the manga that made me laugh too much since it was kind of ridiculous. Anyways, let’s talk about the ending; I just knew it was going to end with a wedding. I knew it!!! Would I reread this manga again, I don’t think so. Would I recommend this manga? Probably not. At least it’s better than Mairunovich, please don’t get me started on that manga.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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