Being Phone-less.

My phone hasn’t been working for the last two days. It just stopped working, I have no idea what’s wrong with it. I’ve already checked on apple forums and yahoo answers for solutions. From what I found on the internet, it’s because of the ios 8 update or using a generic charger. I’ve updated my phone and use the charger that I got from Apple. I seriously don’t know what’s going on with my phone, but I’m okay. I thought I was going to become agitated, but I haven’t. I’ve been feeling more relaxed and productive. When my phone used to work, I would invest more time on my phone than anything else. My phone used to distract me that it even got to the point where I would pick up my phone by habit, even though I would have no notifications. I would read less, I would write less, I would hardly communicate with my family members when eating. Before falling asleep, I used to check my phone for any notifications, and I would do the same when I woke up. I had a problem, a major problem. A decade ago, I got along well without a phone. I was more relaxed and aware of my surroundings. I was happier, and you know what, I’m feeling happy right now. Eventually, I’ll fix my phone, but for now, I’ll enjoy this time being phone-less.

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