Annarasumanara Vol. 2 by Ha Il Kwon:Korean Webtoon

Volume 2: I did not mention this in my previous review, but the protagonist  Yoon Ah-ee keeps writing letters to her mother in most of the chapters. I thought her mother was dead the whole time, but it was revealed on the last chapter of the volume that her mother had abandoned her and her family when  Yoon Ah-ee’s father went bankrupt. Yoon Ah-ee still felt unsure about he magician. It is in this volume where the reader finally learns the magician’s name which is Lee Eul and he is thirty years old. He moved into town about a year before the story takes place. He is lonely and likes Yoon Ah-ee, he declares it to her when she wants to give up learning magic. At this point, I am not sure that he likes her romantically, but Yoon Ah-ee does seem to have a small crush on him. Though she doesn’t want to be involved with Lee Eul, she is drawn to him. Na Il-Deung is the comedic relief in this manhwa. He stalks Yoon Ah-ee went she goes to her magic lessons, although she has no clue, and slowly becomes interested in learning magic himself. The best moment from this volume was when he finally met Lee Eul and he declared himself to be the magician’s rival for the love of Yoon Ah-ee. Lee Eul does not take him seriously.

First Impressions: I really like the direction this manhwa is going. I am liking the characters, Na Il-Deung is my favorite character. I really like his character development because in the first volume he cared about his status at being the number one student at school to now being a boy seeking to find his own path in life. I thought it was really cute to see him become fascinated with magic that he slowly stopped caring about his status. He wanted to learn magic at first to impress the girl, but then started to become passionate about it. I really like this volume because Lee Eul finally convinces Yoon Ah-ee that he is a real magician when he takes her back to her past, the specific moment after her mother abandoned her. I felt really sad for Lee Eul when his parrot, Minyeo, died. It was sad seeing his world start to crumble and it turned worst when Hana, a girl that goes to school with Yoon Ah-ee and Na Il-Deung, showed up and caused him to become angry. Though this volume gave a little bit information on the magician, I am hoping for the last volume to reveal more about his past.

Final Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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