Personal Thoughts: Christmas Vacation

I’m sad to say that I have one week left for my christmas vacation. I’ve haven’t read all the books I wanted to read, but that’s alright with me. I’ve been mostly working and babysitting my younger cousin. But I have completed one anime which is Noragami and I highly recommend the show. I cried and laughed, and I’m so sad that its only one season! I hope that it gets a second season soon! For now, I’ll stick to reading the manga!! 🙂

I’ve also been watching a lot of movies. I watched both the original and remake of Into the Woods. I love the modern adaptation, but the original one won my heart completely. Agony!!! That song made me laugh so much. I was really happy that I was able to watch it with my family and boyfriend. I also finally watched Mockingjay Part I. I haven’t read Mockingjay yet, but I’ll try to read it before the second part comes out. It  was a bit slow, but it did get exciting near the end. I really enjoyed it and luckily I didn’t see any spoilers on Tumblr. I’ve been watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries a lot. I’m happy that there are two seasons on Netflix. Miss Phryne Fisher is the coolest and sassiest female detective ever. The show is set on the 1920s in Australia. I highly recommend the show. In  a way, she does remind me of Sherlock Holmes. I hope to start two Korean dramas, My Love From Another Star and The Master’s Sun, before going back to school.

Lastly, I’ve been playing Pokemon Omega Ruby and Rune Factory 4. I was really excited for both games, but I was mainly excited for Omega Ruby since I played the original a long time ago. I love it. It brings back so many memories!

Happy Holidays!

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