Lola And The Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins: Book Review

“I know you aren’t perfect. But it’s a person’s imperfections that make them perfect for someone else.”

I read Lola and the Boy Next Door last month, but I kept procrastinating on this book review. Ha ha. Anyways, I read Anna and the French Kiss and I loved it. Then I read “It’s a Yuletide Miracle, Charlie Brown” and loved it. I was really excited to read Lola and the Boy Next Door because I’ve read great reviews.

Goodreads Synopsis: Lola Nolan is a budding costume designer, and for her, the more outrageous, sparkly, and fun the outfit, the better. And everything is pretty perfect in her life (right down to her hot rocker boyfriend) until the Bell twins, Calliope and Cricket, return to the neighborhood. When Cricket, a gifted inventor, steps out from his twin sister’s shadow and back into Lola’s life, she must finally reconcile a lifetime of feelings for the boy next door.

Characters: Lola was a bit annoying in some of the chapters. She was very childish in the beginning of the book. I did not like her at all when I first began. I am glad that she had some character development, otherwise this book would have gotten a lower rating. She was indecisive, irritating, and impulsive, but despite her flaws, this book felt a little more realistic than Anna and the French Kiss. Moving onto Max, I liked him at the beginning. He was sweet and understanding when he was first introduced. He was likable, but I was just bothered by the whole “age” gap. The characters kept making such a big deal that Max was too old for Lola. I felt it was a bit ridiculous how everyone kept mentioning it as well. Another issue I had with Max is how he turned out to be a huge jerk. I wish he were introduced as a jerk instead of being a nice guy. I couldn’t hate him even after reading the whole breakup scene. Lastly, Cricket Bell, what can I say about Cricket Bell. He was adorable, awkward, and his mannerisms were cute. I loved how he kept drawing a star on his hand. I liked him a little more than Etienne. Sorry Etienne, Cricket Bell has my heart.

Commentary:  When Lola mentions the reason why she can’t like Cricket, I did roll my eyes. I felt that she could have tried listening to his side of the story. I thought the reason was going to be far much darker. I loved how Anna and Etienne were in the book. They had really cute moments and it’s amazing to see how the characters are connected. The major theme of this story is first love. She experienced pain and loss when the Bells moved away. She vowed never to fall for him again, but Lola was never over Cricket even when she was dating Max. Even though she kept reminding herself that Max was perfect for her, Cricket would forever be in her heart. Secondly, another main theme of the story was about second chances. I was rooting for Cricket the whole time. My heart was crushed when Lola told him that she had a boyfriend. He tried being friends with Lola, but it was impossible for him because he loved her and he couldn’t seem to get away from her. Andy and Nathan were my favorite characters in the book. The were funny and I couldn’t stop laughing at how they tried to encourage her to be with Cricket. Lastly, the ending was so cute and memorable. I would recommend this book because the romance is perfect, the story was amazing, and it was very realistic.

Final Thought: i can’t wait to read Isla and the Happily Ever After, and I’m crossing my fingers that Lola and Cricket, and Anna and Etienne make an appearance.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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