Pharmacy Tech: Personal Thoughts

I can’t believe that yesterday was my last day of class for the pharmacy technician program at Downey Adult School. I started last September, and now I’m done. I’ve learned so much in those months, and I’ll miss being in the class. Now, I have to start externship and apply for my license!!! Every time I pass by the pharmacy aisle in any retail store, I can recognize most of the medication on display. I am content with my life and I can’t imagine what lies ahead. If I end up liking pharmacy, I’ll even apply for pharmacy in the future, but before that, I still want to get a BA in history since it is still my favorite subject. I can’t wait to start watching more Korean dramas, starting Bravely Default, keeping up with anime, and learning Tagalog. I will go back to community college to get my History AA in the fall. I know that I may be taking small steps, but I’m couldn’t be any happier and it’s never to late to accomplish what you want in life! 🙂

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