The Dragon’s Loyalty Award


I was nominated by Lala for this award! Go check out her blog! o(^◇^)o

The Rules

I. Display the award on your blog

II. Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who awarded you

III. Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award

IV. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded

V. Write seven interesting things about you.

Facts About Me

  • I love to make desserts more than anything in the world. I have a giant sweet tooth.
  • I like to dye my hair a lot. Hopefully, I can dye my hair a pastel color.
  • I am a very competitive person when it comes to playing games. My sister calls me “Monica” (from Friends).
  • I love to binge watch shows. This winter, I want to watch One Punch Man and watch the Korean drama She Was Pretty.
  • I need coffee or tea to function in the morning.
  • I watch a lot of YouTube videos.
  • I love to sing karaoke even though I am a terribly singer. I am such a fan of singing ballads and sappy love songs.

The Nominees







14 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. You MUST watch One Punch Man! It’s HILARIOUS. I laugh soo much when watching it – it’s so refreshing and funny! I think you will like it. c:
    I wish I could dye my hair a pastel colour! I’d love a pastel pink… but I don’t think my employers would be terribly pleased about that. What colour do you dye your hair? 😀

    1. I heard it was really funny! It’s all over my tumblr feed. I heard it’s like Gintama which I love! I would like to dye my hair pastel blue or pink. I usually dye my hair brown and red, I want to try burgundy for the new year ha ha.

      1. Hahaha it’s amazing. If you watch any superhero/fantasy anime, you’ll appreciate the satire!

        Oh my gosh, that’d be BEAUTIFUL. My hair is burgundy (and violet) now!! I love it, though the violet hasn’t fully come out yet. We can be burgundy haired buddies. ❤

      2. Yasss!!! I love violet hair too. It’s a hard to maintain though. I wanted to bleach my tips at least, but my hair isn’t that long yet ha ha xD

        I really like superhero/fantasy anime a lot! Ha ha! I already watched one episode and I am hooked!

      3. It is! It hasn’t even shown up yet… though I plan to wash my hair today so FINGERS CROSSED that it’ll show up!

        HAHA yay! Tbh it gets better and better with each episode!

      4. IT HASN’T! Though, my sister says my hair doesn’t LOOK purple, but it isn’t black. :c I hope it comes out again after my third wash! *fingers crossed*

      5. Hopefully the hair color does come out! I think bleaching it would be ideal, but I don’t like bleaching my hair ha ha! When I dyed my hair purple, it didn’t show unless I was outside in the sunlight and most of the time it looked like I had black hair. I really hope your hair color shows!

      6. I’m avoiding bleaching because it’s not good for you, and my hair is quite curly, so if I bleach it, I’m worried it’ll get frizzy! D:

        Yeah that’s the same for me! The red is REALLY obvious, thankfully!

        Haha thanks! I’m crossing my toes. 😀

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