Outback Promise by Maggie Bolitho: Book Review

I was contacted by the author to give an honest review for her book. 

Goodreads Synopsis: Sometimes before you can find yourself, you must lose yourself in the desert.

Can Ros and Grady move on from the past, or will their pain drive them apart? Six years ago, the Balfours lost their son Cadel to a hit-and-run driver.

A few months ago, Ros discovered Grady’s affair. With their marriage fast disintegrating, they decide to take a three-month camping trip into the heart of Australia to try and mend deep wounds and rekindle the fire that once fused them close.

This trip will decide the fate of their relationship: do they have enough strength and enough love left to accept what life has put them both through?

But trust and forgiveness don’t come easily, and Ros and Grady have to navigate not only the wilderness of the Outback and the challenges of other travellers, but also the chasm of grief and bitterness they have sunk into over the last six years. Their only hope for survival lies in facing the secrets they have both tried to keep buried.

Commentary: Imagine a married couple that seems perfect on the outside, everyone tells them that they are perfect together. Now that couple is Grady and Ros. They seem perfect on the outside, but deep down they have a lot of problems that need to be resolved. Six years ago, their son was killed. Ros and Grady never got over his death and both have dealt with their loss differently.

I couldn’t relate to the characters. I am not married or have experienced the wonders of having a child either. I felt sad for Ros and Grady for losing their one and only child. It was sad, and it was even more sadder that Ros couldn’t have more children. Ros had a miscarriage before she had Cadel. And guess what, Ros had an abusive relationship with her mother. I felt sad for her because she had to experience many painful moments in her life.

For the most part, I kept sympathizing with Ros. Ros is the main protagonist of Outback Promise. She wasn’t injured by the accident that killed her son. Grady wasn’t killed, but he had several injuries that needed to get healed. Ros had to become strong for Grady because he was resentful towards himself for not protecting their son.

Her husband wanted nothing to do with her and shut her out when their son died. Ros tried to find ways to reach out to her husband, but he wasn’t having it. I really liked Ros, her character stayed consistent throughout the book. I really liked her because she reminded me a bit of my mom. Ros went through a lot on her own. Her husband was lying about finances and he cheated on her.

Grady is the genius who decides for himself and Ros to go a 3 month camping trip. I disliked Grady a lot. I didn’t warm up to him till the very end of the book. I felt that his reasoning for cheating was not good at all. Basically, he cheated because he saw something in Penelope that Ros didn’t have anymore. That’s his reasoning…I am not too keen on cheaters because it reminds me of my parents and their divorce. He did sort of blame Ros for cheating on him as well. I did roll my eyes. Grady did some nice gestures for Ros, but I did find him to be a bit selfish at times. I know that marriage takes a lot of work on both parts, but I felt that Ros was the most responsible from the two. Their main problem was lack of communication.

The trip was the most exciting part of the book. Grady and Ros met a lot of eccentric characters throughout the trip. What I really liked was that Ros was becoming less bitter as they spent more time together. I was happy for her since she had practically no one to talk to about her feelings. I really did felt that they were going to get a divorce, but that didn’t happen. By the end of the book, they resolve their problems and face a happier and brighter future together. I would have liked the book a bit more if it had alternating points of view. Also, I really liked the secondary characters and Ros a lot.  Lastly, I like how the author includes a glossary at the end of the book since I had to constantly look up Australian words I did not understand.

Final Review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️


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