Otome Yokai Zakuro: Anime Review

MyAnimeList Synopsis: The modernization of Japan has begun. The Ministry of Spirit Affairs is established to resolve mysterious incidents involving the nation’s spirits. This ministry consists of representatives from both the human and spirit worlds. Zakuro, Susukihotaru, Bonbori, and Hozuki are all half-spirits who have been partnered with the second lieutenants Kei, Riken, and Ganryu. These half-spirit girls and the male second lieutenants are all assigned to Spirit Affairs in an effort to join forces and carry out any tasks given to them!

Aired: Oct 5, 2010 to Dec 28, 2010

Commentary: I read the manga before starting the show years ago. I had no idea that it had an anime adaptation. I decided to watch it since it was only thirteen episodes! Now all I have to say is that it is a bit different from the manga, but I am only going to review the anime itself.

My favorite couple from this series is Susukihotaru and Riken. I would have loved it if they had more scenes together because those two are really adorable together!! I liked them much more as a couple than Zakuro and Kei. Susukihotaru is the motherly one of the group of half spirits. At first, she was thought Kei was cute and she was scared of Riken. As the show went on, she and Riken started bonding more and had their cute moments together.

otome yokai zakuro manga cap.png

My favorite guy is Kei!I loved how he was a bit of prince charming, but yet was afraid of spirits. I loved how much he was slowly changing from the first episode to the last! I loved how much he was willing to do anything for Zakuro! He and Zakuro had a happy ending, and I thought it was so cute how they finally were honest with each other about their feelings. The twins were also amazing!! They are definitely going on my favorite twins list.


Now what I really liked about this anime was the concept of how the half spirits came to be. Girls who were spirited away often became pregnant by fox spirits. Female children were the only ones to look half human/half spirit, but not the males. I liked how near the ending of the show, it was revealed how half spirits came to be! The opening song did kinda give away who the bad guy was. Other than that, I wished that the the series were a bit longer! The animation was not the best, but I really loved the fight scenes. I really loved the attack song!

Though I really enjoyed this anime, I did have a some minor issues with it. It was very instalove and it was quite cliche at some moments. I didn’t like Zakuro as much as the other girls. Susukihotaru was definitely the best girl of the series. I also would have loved if the guys had their backstory revealed. I know that the manga is still ongoing!

My favorite song from the OST:

Final Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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