T5w: Books You Were Spoiled For

Top 5 Wednesday was created by GingerReadsLainey on youtube! You can also join the group on Goodreads. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

This week’s theme: Books You Were Spoiled For. I really try to avoid spoilers as much as I can, but there are instances when either a friend or Tumblr spoils a book for me. Sometimes it’s envitable, spoilers are always around the corner.

forever crying.gif

Here are my picks:

  1. Harry Potter: Now, I did not grow up reading Harry Potter, it was about two years ago when I first picked the series up. I stopped watching the movies since the fourth one when it came out. Anyways, book 6 and 7 got spoiled for me. I still continued reading the series, but I would have been more emotional if I had not known what was going to happen.
  2. Mockingjay: After finishing Catching Fire, a friend spoiled the last book for me. I couldn’t pick up the last book. I ended up just watching the movies instead. Ha ha.
  3. Allegiant: I had no intentions of continuing the Divergent series. I don’t regret knowing the ending.
  4. Breaking Dawn: When I was a teenager way back in the day, I liked the Twilight Series. It was good, but not amazing. Anyways, I really liked Jacob. He was my favorite character, and once again, friends spoiled the ending for me. To this day, I have not touched Breaking Dawn even though it is collecting dust on my bookshelf.
  5. Flowers of Evil: It’s a Korean manhwa, that series was my guilty pleasure back in the day. My sister’s friend spoiled the ending. I was so close to finishing the series too, but I really hated the way it ended.

7 thoughts on “T5w: Books You Were Spoiled For

  1. Yeah, sorry for the misunderstanding!! I know a lot of people love the series, and it’s always on my recommendations list!! I might try to pick it eventually since the writing style was good, even though I know the ending for it ha ha. 😀

  2. I think everyone got spoiled for Allegiant. I didn’t care for the trilogy at all so I was okay with getting spoiled for it. I do occasionally spoil myself though (some spoilery reviews are best left alone haha).

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