My Sorting Hat Results…

So, I have a mini confession to make. I’ve never taken the sorting hat test on Pottermore, and I finally decided to do it today. I always thought of myself to be a Ravenclaw more than anything else, but I wanted to see for myself if I was right.

After taking the test, I am not a Ravenclaw. I am actually shocked by my results.


I’m a Gryffindor according to Pottermore. It was shocking at first, but after much thought, I do agree with my results. It was an awesome way of discovering my true house. Now I want to make my boyfriend take the quiz. Ha ha. I still believe that he’ll end up in Slytherin. Have a great day!!


15 thoughts on “My Sorting Hat Results…

  1. I got Ravenclaw the first time I took the test but then when they did the revamp I took the test again. I got Hufflepuff the second time and wanted to take it for a third time (I have lots of email addresses) and got Ravenclaw the third time lol I’m sticking with my Ravenclaw results!

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