A Stolen Kiss by Kelsey Keating

a stolen kiss

Author: Kelsey Keating

Genre: Young Adult, Fairy Tale Retelling

Links: Goodreads | Amazon

Goodreads Synopsis: In her debut novel, Ms Keating takes us on an adventure journey filled with magical surprises.

A stolen kiss. An unstable curse. One big mess in the making.

Derric Harver never expected to amount to anything more than the palace stableboy, but when Princess Maria’s curse keeps her from accepting a prince’s proposal, she turns to him for help, and he doesn’t dare refuse.

With the help of a lady’s maid and a prince, Derric and Maria embark on a dangerous adventure to find the sorceress who cast the curse. Along the way they battle deadly creatures and make new friends–all the while struggling with the undeniable chemistry between them. Reaching their destination won’t be easy, but the true danger peril in the truths they’ve fought for years to keep hidden.

A Stolen Kiss is the first in the Stolen Royals Series–an adventure with magical creatures, dangerous lies, and being true to the power within.

overall feelings copy

A Stolen Kiss is available on NetGalley. This is my honest review.

I had high expectations for this book, and the synopsis sounded amazing. I avoided reading reviews for this book. What I expected from A Stolen Kiss was an epic adventure filled with romance and action. What I got, was something else.


A Stolen Kiss immediately starts off with instalove…there is no buildup to the relationship. Maria, the swan princess, is immediately attracted to Derric, the stableboy who happens to be the son of the “evil” sorcerous that cursed Maria several years ago. Maria has no idea that Derric is related to Gilda, the sorcerous. Maria is drawn to Derric, and Derric feels the same about her, but knows he can’t fall in love with her because of his mother’s actions. When Derric was child, he kissed Maria thinking that her curse was going to be broken. Derric doesn’t see results, and believes he has failed. What Derric doesn’t know is that because of his kiss, his stolen kiss that is, Maria’s curse became dormant. Maria has no idea that Derric kissed her since she was sleeping when the kiss happened. At eighteen years old, Maria is forced into an arranged marriage in order to break her curse. When Prince Humphrey proposes and kisses Maria, the curse activates and Maria changes into a swan. Deteremined to break the curse, Derric, Maria, Humprehy, and Sarah take an epic journey to break the spell.

Now, this book is labeled as young adult, but honestly this felt more like a middle grade than anything else. The characters are supposed to be eighteen years old, but honestly, they felt much more younger than that. The writing was very childish. Another problem I had with the book was how unprepared the characters were for the journey. Maria and Sarah were not fighters, they couldn’t really defend themselves against creatures. Maria and Sarah were damsels in distress while Derric and Humphrey had to constantly protect the group.

The most developed characters in this book were the males, while the female characters felt flat. I couldn’t really differentiate between Maria and Sarah. I wasn’t a big fan of Maria’s point of view. She focused too much on Derric. She wanted him to belong to her, and her alone. Throughout the book, she wanted to remove her curse as soon as possible in order to claim Derric as her own.

Maria in a nutshell:

She professed her love  and pined for him. For weeks she’d planned on getting the curse removed so she can claim him as her betrothed and marry him instead.

If you’re wondering if there is a love triangle, there is none. Also, there is no undeniable chemistry between Derric and Maria. Derric’s pov was much more interesting since he had to fight the darkness within him and had conflicting feelings towards Maria. The book would have been stronger if Maria was better developed. Humphrey also had a much better storyline than Maria and Sarah. He is the youngest prince forced to marry even though he is in love with someone else. Humphrey was willing to sacrifice his happiness for the good of the people.  My favorite character was Ellis, the shapeshifter since he was the most reasonable character in the story. Ellis is not good nor evil, and I loved how Ellis kept randomly showing up to annoy the others.

I wasn’t expecting so many creatures in this story. I was a bit overwhelmed when reading. There were too many fight scenes…I would have liked a much slower paced journey because it did feel rushed at times. My favorite part of this whole book was when the protagonists became allies with the centaurs. I was delighted that the female centaurs were the warriors and breadwinners, while the male centaurs were caregivers. The female centaurs were all about girl power.

Example One:

I do not understand humans. Why must you wait for a man? End your own troubles, Princess. You are the future ruler of your people – if you can’t make decisions for yourself, what makes you thinks you have the right to make decisions for them?

Example Two:

Humans. Your females are capable of so much, and yet they try to convince you that you are nothing. Without you, the human race couldn’t exist. It is about time you start realizing your own amazing talents…because no one else can give you self worth.

The book did get more exciting near the end. There were several revelations near the second half of the book. After finishing the book, I felt I read more about Derric and his destiny about being The Great One…rather than the curse. Overall, this is a light hearted retelling of The Goose Girl. There is a lot of action, but most scenes could have been shortened down. It is the first book in a series, and I don’t know how much more the author can expand on this story. I’m hoping she doesn’t milk the cow with this series because this book is better as a stand alone. There is no cliff hanger in the end of the book. 

Final Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️


5 thoughts on “A Stolen Kiss by Kelsey Keating

    • Exactly, I couldn’t take the characters seriously. I did browse on Goodreads to see what the author has planned, and apparently each book will focus on different characters. The cover is cute, but the book isn’t. *sighs*

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