T5w: Favorite Male Character Names

Top 5 Wednesday was created by GingerReadsLainey and has passed down the torch to Sam from Thought On Tomes, our current host for T5W.  Go join the group on Goodreads. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


This week’s topic is Favorite Character Names. For this list, I shall be focusing only on male names from YA.

  1. Nikolai Lantsov – He’s always my number one when it comes to favorite names. Seige and Storm is still my favorite book from The Grisha Trilogy. He’s a king, and a pirate, and happens to be a badass. Also he has the best lines. Lastly, he is my number one book boyfriend.
  2. Finnick Odair – When Finnick was introduced in Catching Fire, I immediately forgot about Peeta and Gale. Finnick ended up being one of my favorite characters in the Hunger Games Trilogy. Who can resist his charms??? Not me.
  3. Étienne St. Clair – I love saying his name. He’s one of my favorite YA contemporary love interests. He’s dreamy and it’s hard not to fall for him.
  4. Maven Calore – He’s trash, and the worst, but I actually like him. I love his name. Even though he’s cliché, he was the best character in Red Queen.
  5. Sirius Black – And somehow I knew I was going to involve a character from Harry Potter on this list. Even though, he’s not in all the Harry Potter books. I really loved his name. What kind of person would want to mess with anyone named Sirius Black?

7 thoughts on “T5w: Favorite Male Character Names

  1. Nice choices! Maven, Finnick, and Sirius…love all of them. 😊 Maven was awful. I had such a love hate relationship with him in the beginning that turned into 100% hate by the end. It was so sad what happened with Finnick and Sirius. I really liked both of their characters.

  2. Nikolai is on my list as well! I love him as a character and his name is amazing as well. ❤ Sirius Black is also one of my favourite names, but I decided not to go with Harry Potter characters in today's list. (As I keep always mentioning it.) XD

  3. Loved ‘Sirius Black’. It’s such a tough name, but it flows off the tongue easily. I also always liked ‘Lucius Malfoy’ for the same reason: it sounds sinister, but it flows so easily!

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