Where Have I Been?

Hey, it’s been a while. The last time I posted on my blog was around the end of December, and since then, I have not been active. I went away due to my wedding that happened in January. I was busy finalizing my family for the wedding and finishing final touches to the wedding. January was a stressful month for me. I had other priorities at the moment. When my wedding day finally happened, I was happy and relieved; I’m not going to lie. Wedding planning at the beginning, but when it gets closer to the date that’s when everything becomes stressful! I’d recommend getting help! You can’t plan your own wedding alone! I was blessed with my sister-in-law who became my wedding planner and coordinator. I could have not done it without her, my family, and friends! And now, I’m married to my best friend, my husband. The wedding was a lot of fun and I will always cherish it. I will upload a couple pictures from my wedding a bit later this month.

After the wedding, came my honeymoon with my husband. We headed out to Portland and Seattle. I explored the Pacific Northwest and loved every moment. I had weather shock! I’m a Californian and it is usually warm down here. I was not prepared for colder weather, but my body got adjusted to the cold weather. And I survived. It wasn’t snowing, nor was it too rainy like I’d imagine it to be. I will say is this, the coffee was amazing!! I went to several coffee shops throughout my trip and explored the city, mostly by transit. I went to several bookstores, and did end up buying books. My honeymoon was a lot of fun. I got to spend every moment with my husband. I want to go back to the Pacific Northwest again!! It was a lot of fun. Next time, I want to go during spring or summer.

I am still getting adjusted to my new living situation. Let’s just say that it is definitely an upgrade. At the moment, I’m at school. Last semester in community college!! I’m taking four classes. I’m trying my best not to procrastinate this semester and pass my classes. When I don’t feel motivated, I watch study videos on YouTube and peruse studyblr on Tumblr. It works for me! Besides that, I’ll start university this coming fall. I am excited and a bit scared, but I will be hopeful about starting upper division courses!! I did get accepted to the university I always wanted to attend. I am so, so happy that I can finally be one step closer to achieving one of my life’s goal! I know that it will be tough, but I will get my BA.

Other than that, I have read a couple books over my absence. Though I have read some books, I had a reading slump. I dropped the books that I was reading such as Heartless and Prince of Fools. Those books were not bad!! But I didn’t feel like reading. I will pick them up again for this month. I have noticed that I find myself reaching for other genres at the moment. I have gotten a bit bored with YA, but that does not mean that I will drop that genre entirely. The books that I have read so far are We Should All Be Feminists, This Is Portland, Snotgirl, and Beauty & The Beast. I have not worked on my reviews yet, but they will be up soon! In order to be more efficient with my time management, I will create a new blog schedule so I can utilize my free time and update my blog more often! I started bullet journaling in order to be more organized. It has helped tremendously when it comes to school, but I will also apply it to blogging. Sorry that I kinda went away without making a post about it. But, I am back and I feel motivated to continue my blog! I have a feeling that 2017 will be a great year for blogging!


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