Beauty And The Beast (2017)

Beauty and the beast 2017


Growing up as a little girl, I watched every single Disney movie that I would get my hands on. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite fairy tales. Belle was such as relatable character growing up. I absolutely love the original movie. When Disney announced the live action of Beauty and the Beast, I was more than thrilled!

Beauty and the Beast was well casted. Luke Evans was a perfect Gaston. I couldn’t get over how he portrayed Gaston. I was living for him. I had chills when the mob song played! Gaston was extremely interesting in this version. Just listen!

I also adored how the movie focused on the secondary characters such as Plumette and Lumiere. Also, the diverse cast of characters were a great addition to the movie! Emma Watson did a fantastic job at portraying Belle, though I would have liked another actress to have portrayed Belle, but that’s just me. Dan Stevens as the Beast was perfect! I love how Belle and Prince Adam had more in common in this version. Many cute scenes were added. I cannot stop gushing at how Belle and Adam had chemistry! Though I do miss scenes like this:

beast with birds.gif

The dance choreography and costumes stole the show for me. I loved the costumes especially Plumette’s costume! I loved that this version of Beauty and the Beast added more side stories for everyone. No plot holes in this one! Yay! Finally that issue was resolved. I do want movie focusing on Gaston and his time on the war! I would have never guessed that storyline. I prefer Le Fou in this version of Beauty and the Beast. He had his story, he was not not just comic relief, he had his own witty lines! Yes!

I absolutely adored every moment of the movie. I watched the movie with my husband, and I cried like a little girl. This movie was a tear jerker for me. I was so happy with the new changes added to Beauty and the Beast. I did spoil the movie for myself. I didn’t see spoilers on Tumblr. I got the Beauty and the Beast novelization so I already knew what was going to happen! Seeing it was better than reading it! Can’t wait for other Disney Princess movies to come out!!

8 thoughts on “Beauty And The Beast (2017)

  1. Great post! 🙂 This movie was sooo good! Everyone I know who has seen it has absolutely loved it. It was like Disney perfectly crafted this movie as a love letter to the fans.
    I agree, it was so nice not having plot holes and getting much more fleshed out supporting characters. I really loved the relationship between Belle and Adam/Beast in this. Like you said, there were so many cute scenes between them. 🙂

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