My name is Miriam Michelle, but I prefer being called Michelle. I have been reading books for the longest time. The earliest memory had to be when I first got my library card in the second grade. I love to read and occasionally write. I am currently 25 years old.

Why did I start blogging?

For the longest time, I was considering it. I wanted to start a bookish blog almost a decade ago, but I kept putting that thought aside. Even though I kept sharing my thoughts with family and friends, it wasn’t enough for me. It was about two years ago when I finally had the courage to start my book blog. My original blog name was My Tokyo Blues. Sounds like a random name right? What does Tokyo Blues have to do with books you may ask? At the time, Norwegian Wood was one of my favorite books and the Spanish title for it was Tokyo Blues.

The more I became involved with my blog, the more I started loving it. As for now, I’ve changed my name to The Reading Belle. I really love how positive the book community is! I’m so grateful for all my followers. Words cannot express how I feel because of the book community. 💖


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I’m a history nerd! I want to become a history teacher in the future and I can’t wait to go back to school. It’s my passion to teach others about the past. I feel like world history is a massive book that continues to grow in length with each passing day. I’m a fan of KPOP and Korean Dramas. Big Bang is one of my favorite KPOP groups. I’ve loved watching anime as a kid in Mexico and to this day I still love it. Lastly, I’m a sucker for Harvest Moon games!



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