Monthly Favorites: March 2016

Hello, and good evening! I’ve been planning on posting this on April 1st, but I’ve been busy with work and trying to balance my social life. Ha ha. Anyways, March was a good month!


  • Trying to be more active on Bookstagram. I don’t post every day, and I should be motivated to be a bit more active! Anyways, here is my favorite picture from March (even though the book was not so great…)the new guy and other senior distractions .jpg


  • Batman Vs Superman: I really had low expectations for this movie because I trust Rotten Tomatoes’ ratings. After watching it, I liked the movie. Sure it was boring at some parts, and then it tried to cram in a lot of things towards the end, but I liked it. Wonder Woman stole the show! That is a fact. I’m so stoked for the Wonder Woman movie!! I also liked Ben Affleck as Batman since he portrayed Bruce Wayne as a much older Batman who is not in his prime. Other than that, I didn’t like Lex at all and I felt he was too over the top!


  • I’m engaged! I’ve been looking for wedding venues, and it’s probably one of the most frustrating things! Seriously! When you fall in love with a place, just make sure that you get quotes before deciding on that place! I might write about wedding advice and tips on having an affordable wedding in Southern California.


  • Jessica Jones: It took forever to finish it since I was watching it with my boyfriend, normally I would have finished it within a week. The show was amazing and really dark. The casting was phenomenal and Kilgrave was probably one of my favorite. I loved David Tennet as The Doctor, and he was amazing as the villain. I really want a season 2.
  • Selector Infected/Spread Wixoss: I loved this anime so much! It was a mix of magical girl and Yugioh. It was dark, and the characters were great. I loved the opening songs for both seasons, and if I had to pick my favorite character it would be Chiyori. She was so cute and relatable. Though she has the least appearances. I would recommend this show for fans of Yuki Yuna Is A Hero and Magica Madoka.
  • Erased: I keep recommending Erased to pretty much everyone. It’s a good psychological anime, and it’s one of my favorites for the winter 2016 anime slot. I have a spoiler free review if you want to check it out!