Tomadachi No Hanashi by Kazune Kawahara: Manga Review

Goodreads Synposis: Eiko is something of a plain Jane and a doormat, while her best friend Moe is a head-turning beauty. Despite their differences, their friendship is as strong as ever.
Guys are always asking Moe out, but her answer is invariably “Only if you promise to put Eiko before me.”

Commentary: I wish the manga Tomodachi No Hanashi were more than just one volume. I really felt that the story could have been expanded a little more. But, I have to say for one volume, it exceeded my expectations. The major theme of the novel revolves around friendship. Eiko’s friendship with Moe was the cutest thing ever! I was really sad by the time I finished it because I wanted to keep on reading. It really had potential to be an entertaining read. The animation is really good for me and I love the character designs. I would recommend it because it’s precious, underrated, and adorable. I loved all the characters, and it was funny seeing Moe and Narugami’s rivalry over Eiko.


Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Annarasumanara Vol.3 by Ha Il Kwon: Korean Webtoon

I finished Annarasumanra today and I feel really sad, and it was definitely underrated. I really enjoyed this series, it was a fun quick read. It’s just three volumes, 27 chapters long. It’s easy to find since it’s posted on manga sites. I read the story on

Vol 3: Na Il-Deung and Yoon Ah-ee are now believers in magic, but others view them as foolish. The final volume was really sad. The magician’s past is revealed and he is blamed for a robbery that he did not commit. The magician is blamed for the crime and is seen as criminal. Na Il-Deung and Yoon Ah-ee are the only ones to believe in the magician and try to prove that he is innocent. Before the final chapter, Yoon Ah-ee performs a magic trick to help the magician escape and it starts to snow in the summer. The final chapter takes place three years later, Yoon Ah-ee is now working as a magician and Na Il-Deung finally gets a date with her. The magician is still gone, Yoon Ah-ee wonders where he has gone off to, but her magic has gotten better. She still writes letters to her mother, Minyeo, and to the magician himself. The final line of the manhwa is “Do you believe in magic?”.

Commentary: At first I thought this manhwa was going to be about a magical love relationship between Yoon Ah-ee and the magician, but it is more than that. It’s a story about being pure, innocent, and childlike. It’s about never letting go of your dream and becoming a conformist like the rest of society. Lee Eul, whose actual name is Ryu Min Hyuk, was exactly like Na Il-Deung, when he was in high school. Everyone expected him to be number one, to become successful, and be like everyone else a conformist. As soon as he kept trying to break out of the norm, people around him kept seeing him as mentally ill or stressed out, but in reality, he was enjoying his new found freedom.  If you can compare the magician to any other ficitonal character, it would be Peter Pan. He never wanted to grow up. He showed up at the right time for both Yoon Ah-ee and Na Il-Deung because he guided them in the right path. Yoon Ah-ee desperately wanted to become an adult in order to solve her problems, but lost gave up her dreams in the process. Yoon Ah-ee realizes that she is more scared of becoming an adult than she thought. I also liked how Na Il-Deung was also important to this short story  because his old life was identical to the magician. Na Il-Deung was able to find his freedom as well. In the previous volumes, he was portrayed with a very long neck and big head, and on the final volume, when he discovers that he is free from his “curse”, he is portrayed as differently

img000014 Na Il-Deung

I really enjoyed the story, it is very memorable. The ending was bittersweet, but I really liked the ending. I would recommend this manhwa because it is realistic. When you’re an adult, people expect you to be so many things that you start losing part of your childlike innocence. It was refreshing and I would reread this manhwa again. The animation is also beautiful!

Final Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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The Simpsons Guy

Honestly, I did not know what to expect from the crossover of Family Guy and the Simpsons. I didn’t like that it started off as a Family Guy episode because I’m more of a Simpsons fan. The beginning started off slowly, and it did become exciting till the Griffins arrived at Springfield. I really enjoyed the writing put into this episode. It seriously made me laugh. There were some parts that I didn’t like such as Peter’s sexist comic in the beginning of the episode, I felt like that part could have been avoided. The crossover really tried to balance both comedic styles from the show, but in some parts it didn’t mesh. The part I most hated was the rape joke…it was so crude…so not cool.I wanted half of the episode to be focused on Family Guy’s perspective on the Simpsons, while the last half focused on the Simpson’s perspective of Family Guy. Now, I really enjoyed the references made in the episode especially during the court case scenario such as comparing characters from the Simpsons and Family Guy, and I loved how Stewie idolized Bart, that really made me laugh more than I thought I would. I’ve read many reviews of people not liking this episode, but I really liked it. It was weird, satirical, and refreshing.

PS: The Simpsons is having a crossover with Futurama! I’m really excited since I’m a fan of Futurama!!! I’ll post the link below: